Unique D&D Homebrew subclasses to be official for 6e (2023)

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These homegrown subclasses all have something unique about them, and it would be great to see their inclusion in the fifth edition D&D sequel system.

Unique D&D Homebrew subclasses to be official for 6e (1)

The fifth edition of The ruleset has been around since 2014, and in the seven years since then, it has gained immense popularity thanks to its powerful yet flexible ruleset. Even with this level of popularity, however, the average life cycle of any dataD&DThe version has been around for 10 years, and recently Wizards of the Coast proved that this version probably wouldn't be extreme. While release isn't slated until sometime in 2024, the self-described new evolution of the game being announced is likely to bring not only a more carefully tuned ensemble, but increasingly unique and interesting character options for players to choose from.



A 5e computer insideDungeons & Dragonshave many ways they can be customized, from their race to their class to their background, but the option that has always been the most interesting and impressive in both flavor and mechanics is the subclass. These bundles of supplementary class functions allow a large amount of customization within the otherwise restrictive confines of a generic class. Because of the often unique specific ideas behind many of these archetypes, they allow characters to have much more interesting concepts behind them, which are then reflected in their mechanics. For this reason, they tend to be highlighted whenever a new source or supplementary book is published, and this "new edition", whatever form it eventually takes, is almost certain to be no different.


Wizards of the Coast does not have a monopolyD&D'sHowever, subcategories have released very few officially since releaseTasha's cauldron of everything. This is where the homebrewing community steps up to the plate to fill in the gaps they leave behind. Here's a set of these homebrew subcategories that, regardless of their reputation, all bring something interestingD&Dtable that Wizards overlooked and maybe should consider in the future version they are working on.

Gunslinger Fighter-underklasse (D&D Beyond)

Unique D&D Homebrew subclasses to be official for 6e (2)

Firearms were a popular participation inD&Dfor those who want a slightly more technologically advanced adventure than the otherwise typical medieval fare offered by the base game. Currently the GunslingerD&DThe Fighter subclass is one of the most complete ways available for a character to effectively use such powerful weapons. This even goes beyond the content of the subclass itself, such as the rules foroffered by the document provides a wider and more unique range of possibilities than can be found inDungeon Master's Guide. The rules for using anything from what is basically a Derringer to a Portable Mortar are provided and can be given to any character who wants to use them.

To be one'lilleThe Gunslinger has a lot to work with during his five tiers of upgrades, but the things that easily stand out as the backbone of the archetype are Trick Shots and Grit Points. These abilities work much like Arcane Archer's Arcane Shots or Battlemaster's Maneuvers, allowing the character to grant bonus effects to their attacks, and the number of uses is dictated by a pool of points. Grit points are a bit more interesting than the other two examples, as they can be earned back, and while this process isn't easy, their simple availability allows for more liberal use of the Trick Shots they burn. All of this allows a Gunslinger to apply a very dynamic playstyle to their character, as the extremely varied effects of Trick Shots can be used to create or react to a wide variety of situations.

Subcategory Reincarnated Hero Sorcerer (Valda's Spire of Secrets)

Unique D&D Homebrew subclasses to be official for 6e (3)

INGish is a term used to refer to a character archetypewho uses both sword and sorcery, and while he has tried several times,Dungeons & Dragons5th edition has not yet produced candidate subclasses that fit this form. This is where it was recently releasedValda's Spire of Secrets, a complete home-brewed compendium, steps forward to show their unique take on the concept. Reincarnated Hero Sorcerer is an attempt to take what would normally be a very tight backline caster and give them the means to push themselves to the front of the race.


The basic idea with thisD&DThe subcategory is written right in the name. The character is a reincarnation of a mythical hero, and their soul power is what gives them their magical abilities. This power also gives the Mage access to a ton of options to upgrade AC and attack potential, such as medium armor and shield skills, melee weapons, and removal spells like Shield.

The skills for itDungeons & Dragonsthe subcategory becomes more interesting from this point. At level 6 they can use Magic Pointssimilar to Monk's Kito access AC bonuses, extra attacks, and even a ranged attack with your melee weapon. This ability builds later at level 14, allowing them to regain Magic Points by taking a critical hit with weapon attacks. The power and flexibility of these skills makes for a much more interesting character concept than what Wizards of the Coast has to offer.

Υποκατηγορία Otherworldly Patron: The Cursed Archive Subclass (The Compendium of Forgotten Secrets - Awakening)

Unique D&D Homebrew subclasses to be official for 6e (4)

Alien protectors are some of the most interestingas they not only have a huge effect on a character's abilities, but also their history and possibly even the history of the entire world. The entities that Warlocks can sell their souls to (either literally or figuratively) are varied. The mess they tend to get into, though, is that they're all creatures after all, and it's hard for anything to feel truly otherworldly when it has a face and a name. This is where the idea of ​​The Cursed Archive comes in.

This structure is described as a kind of extradimensional library that holds all the most forbidden and unholy knowledge in the universe and grants abilities to Warlocks by warping their minds with warped understanding. The world building associated with this part is half the reason to look at it, as it is both detailed and provides a great template for several internal patrons that don't require agency and instead act more like a force of nature.

While the background of this protector is clearly the star of the show, the abilities it provides are nothing to sneeze at.it seems to specialize in giving out-of-combat bonuses, as at first level it gives the character Expertise in two skills and Proficiency in a third. These Warlocks will then gain the ability to paralyze their enemies to turn their flesh into a book containing details of their lives. While these abilities are very flavorful and can be used very creatively, it's really nice that this subclass actually provides some combat-focused abilities, but not until high levels. These allow characters to steal a 4ulevel or lower spell from any list and then drive their opponents to the brink of insanity with cursed truths. Both of these powers feel like particularly well-suited ways to weaponize the kind of gruesome insights the Archive offers.

Subcategories like these all exemplify things that Wizards of the Coast should probably consider looking into if they are to become significant. MensDungeons & Dragons5 might not be around forever, but having access to proven rules and mechanics for things outside of the typical fantasy setting, opportunities for more varied character archetypes, and much more outlandish patrons could breathe more life into the game, whatever form it ultimately takes needed to have. roof..



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