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What is Bless?

bless (PHB, p. 219) is a 1st levelmagispell available to clerics and paladins. It requires a vocal, physical and material component, the last being a sprinkling of sanctification. It takes an action to cast, allowing you to target up to three creatures within 30 feet. For the next minute or until the caster losesconcentration, targets can add 1d4 to their attack rolls andlife saving shot.

If you cast this spell with a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, you increase the number of targets by 1 for each spell level above 1st level. For example, a 3rd level casting of Bless can target 5 creatures at once.

Is Bless a good spell?

Bless is a good spell that actually becomes a great spell as you level up, this is because as PCslevel upthey are more likely to make more attacks and are much more likely to face saving throws, with those saves having increasingly punishing effects. Considering this is only a 1st level spell, it becomes relatively cheap to cast as it becomes more impressive. At level 1 it still has value but can easily be replaced with another spell, but you can't do it early.

Making this spell better has more to do with your party composition than the spell itself, a character partySharpshooterand/or Great Weapon Master will greatly appreciate the precision boost Bless brings. It is also recommended to include yourself as the target of the spell, 1d4 will help you maintain concentration so other targets can continue to benefit.

How can you get Bless?

If you like the sound of your whole party sneezing at the same time, fear not! Here is a list of how you can get hold of this spell:

  • Cleric and Paladin -Both of these classes have Bless in their spell list.
  • Life sector (office subcategory) –These healing-focused clerics gain Bless as an always-prepared spell thanks to the Domain Spells ability.
  • divine soul(MagicianSubcategory) -This subclass allows a Mage to choose Cleric spells, which may include Bless. By choosing Law Affiliation, you can also get Bless from Divine Magic mode without having to use your very limited spells!
  • Magical Secrets (BardClassCharacteristic) -This ability allows a Bard to steal a spell from any spell list, while this would be a bit of a waste spent on Bless for most Bards due to the high level of the trait. Lore Bards may be interested though, as they gain Magical Secrets at a much earlier level than other Bards.
  • divinely favored (Company) –Good signsadjustmentcan choose oneclerical incantationcast once per day with this feat, as well as learn Augury and gain a priestly cantrip of your choice. When you choose this feat, you choose casting stats for the Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma spells.
  • Fey Touched (Feat) –Blessed with being a charm spell means you can choose it with this feat so you can andMisty Steponce per extended rest without a spell slot. You can still cast it with any spell you might have from your class, and you can even boost a mental level of your choice by +1 as well.
  • Magic initiation(feat) -Choosing Cleric gives you the spell and two cantrips, but you can only do this once per turn. extended rest unless you have at least one level in Cleric.
  • StrixhavenInitiation (Feat)– Picking Lorehold or Silverquill with this feat will give you a chance to get Bless, with two cantrips from a limited list to accompany your once-a-year rest casting.

How to play the blessing

Need helprole playthe spell bless? Here are some examples to help you:

  • Like the toothpicks a horde ofelvesapproaching, Elira nHumancleric clasps his sacred symbol and prays fervently to his deity. The Bless spell collapses, bathing its companions in a warm, glowing light. Their weapons glow with a holy aura and their movements become more sure and confident. Strengthened by divine blessing, they stand ready to meet their foes, their battles now guided by divine providence.
  • In the eye of a raging storm at sea, with the pirate ship bearing down on them, Brandis, the half elf paladin, raises his sword in the air. He invokes the blessing, his voice carries over thunder and waves. A shimmering golden light envelops hiscompanions, strengthens their resolve and stabilizes their hands. Empowered by the blessing, they sail the treacherous waters and repel pirate attacks, their actions guided and empowered by the divine favor bestowed upon them.
  • During a high-stakes negotiation with a treacherous nobleman, goblin bard Arianna senses the tension building. Subtly plucking her lute, she weaves a melody imbued with the power of blessing. A soft, comforting aura surrounds her allies, their words become more persuasive, their minds clearer and their diplomacy strengthened. With the help of divine blessing the negotiationsshouldto their advantage, allowing them to secure a decisive alliance.
  • As the shadow form of a powerfulfewthreatens to plunge the party into necrotic magic, the dwarf priest Gideon grabs his sacred symbol and calls upon the power of the divine. By conjuring the blessing, he grants his allies a glowing, protective aura. Theirarmorseeming to glow with soft light, their weapons humming with energy and their expressions hardening with new determination. Strengthened by Gideon's blessing, they set out to face the mortal threat, every step and stroke imbued with divine favor.
  • The adventurers stand on the edge of a gaping chasm, faced with the daunting task of traversing the narrow, treacherous path across. Seeing the nervousness on her friends' faces, the Elven druid Maelis mumbles an ancient prayer to the nature spirits and casts the blessing. A soothing breeze swirls around the party, carrying with it the soothing scent of fresh earth and blooming flowers. Strengthened by Maelis's blessing, their steps become surer, their balance unwavering, enabling them to cross the perilous chasm with safety.

We hope this article has helped you find ways to help your party survive difficult encounters. If you are thinking of using this spell in the next Paladin version, ourPaladin 5E guideprovides valuable guidance. And for those interested in delving into other spells, oursDnD 5E spellsthe section is worth exploring. Good luck with your future adventures and don't forget to bless yourself first!

What is Bless in DnD 5E?

Bless is a 1st level charm spellDnD5E

How does Bless work in DnD 5E?

Bless allows three creatures to add 1d4 to their attack rolls and saving throws for up to a minute while the caster maintains concentration.

What are the limitations of Bless in DnD 5E?

Bless's main limitations are its concentration requirement and targeting only three base-level creatures, which will rarely be enough to cover an entire party.

How does Bless interact with other spells and abilities in DnD 5E?

Bless can stack with other traits to make attacks or saving throws more likely to succeed, such as stacking with archeryFighting styleto make it easier to land a power attack from the Sharpshooter feat.

What classes can cast Bless in DnD 5E?

Bless can be cast by Clerics and Paladins, for a complete list of how to cast the spell see the article above.


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