20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (2023)

Frizzy hair is making a big comeback. But this post-'80s round offers up some looks we've never seen before. What tops the list? Curly updos and colorful hairstyles are the new favourites.

how to curl your hair

Curly hair, sometimes referred to as zig zag or curly hair, is one of the hottest trends in the world of the beauty industry. Hair bloggers and celebrity stylists enthusiastically share images of inspiring wavy hairstyles. And these waves do not remind us of the traditional curls that we are all bored with. Cute curly ponytails, braids and girly buns are possible to do, you just need to learn the basic curling technique. As always, we've got cool ideas, super-simple instructions, and helpful tips for you!

Follow these steps to curl your hair with a curling iron:

  1. Wash, condition and dry your hair.
  2. if your hair isnaturally curly, straighten it. For girls with wavy hair, dry your curls with a round brush.
  3. Spray your curls with a heat protectant.
  4. Divide your hair into 2-3 inch sections.
  5. Take your iron (1 or 2 inches wide) and decide which threads to crimp.
  6. Curl the selected sections from the roots to the ends (close the iron for 3-5 seconds each time).
  7. Leave your hair open or pull it back into an updo.

Watch a helpful instructional video:

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Hair Crimping Tips

The following tips and tricks will make frizzing your hair easier:

  • If you have a lot of hair, start by curling the bottom layers and section the remaining strands at the top of your head.
  • For maximum volume, curl all of your hair, then gently brush through your curls with a wide-tooth comb.
  • For a more natural wavy look, just curl the top layer of your hair.
  • For fine hair, try root curls. Curl the bottom layers only near the roots to add volume to the curls.
  • For a popular, airy, line-free texture, comb through the section, then curl in chaotic directions and brush.
  • You can curl strands after crimping. For a frizzy curl, simply wind the section loosely around the large clipless curling iron.
  • To add shine to your curls, use a steam curling iron or define some curls with hair wax.
  • Use a crimping iron by curling the section up and down several times, starting at the roots.
  • You can try curling without heat: braiding overnight or winding hair around bobby pins. But be prepared for a slightly different, beachier texture.
  • When working with hair extensions, pay attention to the temperature of the curl.

curly hairstyles

Frizz when styling hair creates a sleek texture, builds up, and helps maintain volume in hair. A fine curl applied only to the roots is a good solution for greasy roots; in fact, you can extend the time between washes this way. And here are ideas of hairstyles for curly locks.

#1: Lavender Goddess Hair

If you're looking for big hair (aka statement hair) but like something edgier than the classic wavy bombshell, this is for you. While a wavy iron is a nice addition to your collection of hair styling tools, you can achieve the same thing with a flat iron. Make ten or more small braids and then run the flat iron over them.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (1)

Instagram /@guy_tang

#2: Multicolored Ruffled Updo

Depending on your hair texture, you can achieve frizzy hair with braids and no heat (curly girls have a better chance of achieving this). Try sleeping in mini braids, either through the length of your hair or just a few braids for accents. If you're wondering how to style those pretty curls in the morning, try a cool braided updo that brings out the highlights.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (2)

Instagram /@haarchamäleon

#3: Updo with a Unicorn Crown

Looking through the frizz pictures, we can also discover unusual hair color ideas. Have you seen something so amazing? Probably not. A lot of work went into this look, from the five or so colored highlights, to the mini wavy in long locks, to the perfect fishtail crown. Dream hair, definitely.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (3)

Instagram /@hairgod_zito

#4: textured dutch braid

What is really popular right now is taking out the crimping iron before starting an updo. Not only does the achieved texture look great and unexpected, but you also get the texture that makes your hair appear thicker, giving each braid or bun a lot more volume than usual.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (4)

Instagram /@braidsbyjordan

#5: Textured Updo with Cool Tones

To figure out how to curl your hair (but not spend all day doing it), the quickest way is to use a curling iron. Because burs are designed to crimp, the tool works much faster than any other method. You can choose to only do certain layers or streaks that will appear in your updo.

#6: Textured Berry Bliss Wreaths

Textured updos are stunning with almost any hair color, but if you're experimenting with unusual shades, be sure to try a style that will make your look even more unique. Create two crown braids, side by side, by sectioning the top hair and working the crown braid at the hairline first.

#7: Wavy and Braided Layers

Long, wavy curls don't need to be hidden in updos. If you love wearing your hair down but want to try something new, go for a half-up, half-down style that includes randomly curled strands (remember the iconic part-curly style Britney Spears wore in 2000?). This style features a voluminous topsy tail and a loose medium braid.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (7)

Instagram /@guy_tang

#8: Curly Mini Fishtail Braids

this cute lockerFishtail Braidshave so much volume. Microcurly texture has been added to the roots. After braiding, the hair was pulled back and fanned out for maximum thickness. The result is a soft and romantic look.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (8)

Instagram /@aurorabraids

#9: Textured Pez Glue Corona

Curling all of your hair gives you a thicker braid with a cool, modern vibe. Work in four or five sections for easier management. Don't brush your hair when braiding and styling it into this updo.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (9)

Instagram /@braidsbyjordan

#10: Ruffled Bubble Braid

If you want to know how to style frizzy hair, don't limit yourself to banal tricks and tactics. This unusual look starts with a French braid in the front and then transitions to a loose bubble braid with each section wrapped in poofs. Girls with long hair should definitely get creative.

#11: Colored Wavy Bob

Curling your hair is an easy way to add extra flair to a carefree look. For those with fun and light-hearted personalities, this is a must-see. Here, only certain short sections of hair have been treated with a curling iron to create wavy highlights that stand out.

#12: Messy Textured Medium Hair

If you want to achieve a wild look, no heat, no curling irons and other hot styling tools, you can do it. Start with your naturally wavy hair, simply add face-framing micro braids and leave them on for a few hours (or style them with a flat iron). If your hair is straight, do a mix of super small braids and larger braids for a mix of textures.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (12)

Instagram /@shawnaleigh

# 13: Micro waved braided braid

Try this updo style for maximum volume and elegance. Use a curling iron with small grooves throughout the hair. Next, create a French fishtail braid with loose tension, leaving a few wispy strands. At the end, tuck the braid under or tie a simple knot.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (13)

Instagram /@cosmicstylist

#14: Structured Braids and Ponytail

Another styling option is a unique ponytail. After curling the hair, make two zigzag parts. Then create three French braids that stop halfway. Next, just grab a pony stand. You will definitely want to tease and pull your bangs to add some cute and playful volume.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (14)

Instagram /@makeupyourmood

#15: Ruffled Formal Updo

While most curly hairstyles tend to be fun and trendy, they can also be more formal. These looks have evolved to basically cover all events. Here, only bezels have been added to the center shaft and ends. Three braids were then created and wrapped around each other.

#16: Classic Setting with Center Section

It is very easy to learn how to curl your hair. The best way to start is to take it easy and let him show all his hard work. Long curly hair looks great with a center parting. Do the bottom layers first, starting at the roots. It then progresses through the middle and upper layers. Wavy lines on dark black hair look adorable!

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (16)

Instagram /@onyxbeauty1988

#17: Wavy Pigtail Braids

For short or medium length hair, frizz is out of the question. This super cute style features curls throughout the center part, loose and girly braids.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (17)

Instagram /@simpáticosalon

#18: Ruffled Punk Pixie

Wavy hair also works on very short locks. This cropped pixie bob style is given a dose of urban chic with some cool shaved lines and micro waves on top. The texture definitely adds to the disheveled appeal of platinum hair.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (18)

Instagram /@elissapaquette

#19: Knotted Textured Braid

This crimping style can be achieved with ponytails or a curling iron. If you want to do the no heat method, all you have to do is plan ahead! After crimping, create a great ribbon braid that can actually be done without ribbon!

#20: Five-Strand Structured Braid

this awesomefive strand braidFeatures micro-setting that requires an iron to restore. Section your hair and run a curl over the top layer of each section. Then, make a five-strand braid that will make your hair look even thicker and more beautiful than it already is.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (20)

Instagram /@aurorabraids

hair crimping tools

You can get these 80s curls without heat or with the help of hot styling tools. If you want more defined waves, opt for the second variant. Below we give a list ofbest hair curl, their prices and links to places to buy them.

#one. hair curling iron

The curling iron creates the most defined little waves in your hair. this potteryConair Infinity ProThe crimp tool is equipped with anti-static and anti-frizz protection. Crimping microplates will help you achieve the desired root boost. How to use it and more about the benefits see belowYouTube.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (21)

Preis:29,99 $, Photo:Gang

#2. triple curling iron

To create more beachy waves, opt to purchase the 3-barrel curling iron. ceramic plates in thisDiva Beach HesitationThey are enriched with argan oil, so your curls will be silky and shiny. see atutorialdescribes how to get perfect continuous waves in your hair.

#3. zigzag hair straightener

The latest Instagram trend is geometric zigzag waves. With the help of the innovative Glampalm, you can easily master thisZigzag styling iron. To get the edgy look, follow thevideo instructionpublished on the official Glapalm Youtube channel.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (23)

Preis:$220, Photo:@glampalmusa

#4. Twist-and Crimp-Styling-Tool

Yes, curling hair can be time consuming. Especially if you want to wave all your hair. However, the hairdressing brand Toni & Guy offers a simple solution to this problem. Clip the barrels to your hair, twist the barrels by turning the dial, and get those frizzy lines in seconds. Take a look at a more detailed onetutorial.

20 cute ways to style frizzy hair (24)

Preis:$115, Photo:tony and boy

Obviously, we're obsessed with curly hair right now. how can we not be Many creative hairdressers have invented entirely new ways of thinking about curling. Have fun experimenting!

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