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Paris is a city for dreamers, looking at gray slate roofs and strolling down luxurious boulevards. However, the hotel scene was anything but dreamy – apart from its five-star luxury palace hotels, the French capital was known for its postage-stamp-sized rooms and old-fashioned decor. Where to stay is of course the million euro question, but luckily the hotel scene has changed in recent years. There are now plenty of beautiful boutique sleeping places, fun rooftop hotel bars are popping up and frozen service has thawed. While pools and king-size beds are still rare, recent openings have added color and style, from the Marais to the Left Bank.

All prices quoted are for standard double rooms, room only, unless otherwise stated.

The best for modern luxury:Hotel Madame Reve

An old post office is the unexpected setting for this luxurious five-star, which has already become deeply involved in the city's fashion scene despite being open for less than two years. The hallways are heavy with a custom scent of cedar and rosewood by Olivia Giacobetti, the lights are low and the colors are rich. Each of the 82 rooms combines carved walnut wood with leather accents and smartly framed art. Central to the unique vision of first-time hotel owner Laurent Taïeb is the café on the ground floor, reminiscent of the great hall of a tower with 26 m high ceilings. The smart restaurant La Plume with excellent food. and – best of all – a huge terrace with a chic bar and views that stretch from the Eiffel Tower to the Sacré-Coeur. Solar panels located next to the sunbeds provide 50% of the hotel's hot water. The small spa is nothing to shout about, but the quiet rooms and the location near the Bourse de Commerce and the Louvre are really impressive.

Rooms:From €530 (£470).

Best for the playful:Pet

With a name inspired by a French term of endearment similar to "sweet", it's no surprise that this hotel puts fun first. Located near the Grands Magasins in the 9th arrondissement, the tone is set in Chouchou's reception, with a mini-shop selling 'anti-malaka' candles and 'send nude socks'. Beyond that is a glass-roofed bar/restaurant where business lunches lead to comedy nights and DJ sets (dancing on the tables is encouraged). The rooms feature a modern palette of deep blues, whites and creams that provide a soothing counterpart to the high jinks below. Instead of a spa, there are a series of private baths (baths) - each with a large jacuzzi and daybed, decorated in 1970s style - which can be reserved for romantic moments or parties.

Rooms:From €250 (£220).

Best for budget weekends:CitizenM Opera Paris

Affordable luxury chain CitizenM continued its Paris expansion this year with a new hypercentral outpost. Between the Bourse and the Grands Boulevards, it's an easy walk a few minutes east to the bustling bars around the Sentier or south to the Palais Royal and the Seine. Rooms are small but perfectly appointed, following CitizenM's identikit formula, with pod-like bathrooms, king-size beds and colorful mood lighting. This is not the place to relax on a romantic holiday, but rather to immerse yourself in the life of Paris. However, there are still cool designer common areas with comfortable brightly colored sofas to curl up with a book and a bar to grab a cocktail at when you want to recharge.

Rooms:From €170 (£150).

Best for bragging rights:white horse

A night at the Cheval Blanc may redefine what it means to push the boat out, but this Seine-front residence from luxury group LVMH has been one of the most talked-about hotels in Paris since its exclusive doors opened in autumn 2021. . building - part of the carefully restored Samaritaine department store, built in 1869 - is a true Parisian landmark. Behind the unique facade, which combines art nouveau and art deco design elements, are 72 luxurious rooms and suites – some with balconies overlooking the Seine or the Eiffel Tower – plus four restaurants, including the three-Michelin-starred Plénitude by chef Arnaud Donckele. There is also a Dior Spa where you can relax after a night on the town and, a rarity for Paris, the hotel has a 100 meter indoor mosaic pool.

Rooms:From €1,900 (£1,680).

Best for Left Bank cool:Lady of the Arts Hotel

This hotel is part of a new wave of openings aimed at restoring the Left Bank as the city's literary and artistic center. It's elegant, with bronze accents and curved furniture to match the straight lines of the Art Deco exterior. The legacy of the Rive Gauche is commemorated in books, sketches and works of art. Even the gym, equipped with equipment designed like the NOHrD treadmills, is the epitome of elegance. The hotel's restaurant serves an impressive Mexican-inspired menu by chef Othoniel Alvarez Castaneda (don't miss the mezcal list), while the large rooftop terrace offers the best 360-degree panoramic views of Paris. Some of the 109 rooms are small, but 31 have lovely balconies - many with views of the Eiffel Tower.

Rooms:From €380 (£335).

Best for Atmosphere:Hotel du Sentier

Above the Passage du Caire, the city's oldest covered arcade, this charming hotel is a Parisian postcard come to life. Beautiful double glazed windows open onto a beautiful square, and behind them the 30 rooms are bright and sunny with crisp white linens, marble bathrooms and a menu of cocktails and spritzers with room service. The Sentier is a true family run hotel - and a secret too good not to share. The best rooms have private terraces, but all guests benefit from service that is both tailored and warm. Highlights include the all-day breakfast menu available in the adjoining restaurant and private natural wine tastings in the hotel's cellar down the street.

Rooms:From €265 (£235).

Best for a vacation:Fantasy

Oases are hard to find in Paris - especially in the city center - which makes La Fantaisie's tree-lined garden all the more special. Scheduled to open in June, it is easily the most anticipated new hotel in Paris this year. Near the bohemian neighborhood of Pigalle, it was designed by the Swedish architect Martin Brudnizki, who combines floral frescoes with colors that evoke the gentle warmth of a summer day. The restaurant will be led by Dominique Crenn, the only French chef to be awarded three Michelin stars in the US, with a commitment to zero plastic and zero waste. Guests also have access to a kitsch rooftop and a holistic spa developed in collaboration with vegan cosmetics brand Holidermie.

Rooms:From €550 (£485).

Best for an appointment:Mama Shelter Paris West

The outer reaches of the residential 15th arrondissement might not be the most obvious place to choose as a base in Paris, but Mama comes with enough attitude to make it worth the trip. For just over £100 per night, if you book early you can expect super slick service, quirky design (we're talking bright Darth Vader shades) and luxurious beds, plus a rooftop pizzeria and bar. Close to the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, the only real nearby attraction is the Vanves flea market, but you're on the edge of a sleepy residential neighborhood where you can really immerse yourself in the daily life of Paris. The metro, a five-minute walk away, will take you to most major attractions in about half an hour.

Rooms:From €120 (£105).

Best for eclectic luxury:The store Mazarin

After years of anticipation, Maisons Pariente's first property in Paris is finally set to open on September 4 with an interior that reinterprets French classicism. Expect accents such as leopard print wall coverings and wall coverings paired with Grand Siècle lounge chairs. With only 50 rooms and 11 suites, the hotel promises to offer an intimate experience right in the heart of the Marais. It will feature an indoor pool and a restaurant by Israeli chef Assaf Granit. If you want to experience modern Parisian theater design, this is the place to come.

Rooms:From €650 (£575).

Best for travelers:I play

The area around the Champs-Élysées isn't the best place to stay in Paris, but it's easy to get to the major landmarks from here - and this hotel is a real find. Renovating the building from top to toe, Pley's team took inspiration from the district's well-established radio stations. Radios blare as you enter each room, which is decorated with dark pink crushed velvet headboards and deep midnight blues. Almost the entire ground floor is given over to a lively bar, restaurant and lounge, as well as a fun rooftop cocktail bar.

Rooms:From €220 (£195).

Published in the June 2023 issue ofNational Geographic Traveler (Storbritannien)

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